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I Never Knew the Importance of Limitation Until I Was Limited.

By Lifestreasury
Something's about life are just permanent and questioning them will be asking a rhetorical question, like asking why do we grow? So it also feels when you get frustrated and you ask why do things happen this way or why do I feel like I am not enough? This here is what happens when you are going through that process of LIMITATION.
Whenever you experience a limitation as an individual, just take it in its normality and decide what you wish to do with it, you either make take it for its ability to help you grow or its ability to suffer you, but is a choice you must make.
Why then must there be limitations?
As long as growth exist, you must always face limitations, you definitely get to a stage where you begin to feel, I cannot do this, I cannot do that and trust me this phase is normal, it is just like games we play, the higher we get the more skills we need, so we fail at some level and have then we have to retry.
When we are faced with Limitation, it just needs you to pump in a lot of the positive energy, develop yourself even more.
I used to think that when I do not feel good enough about a thing all I needed to do was just pick my Affirmations book and right the positive about it. Maybe when I feel I have not achieved what I ought to achieve in a day, I write it down and say "I finished my day on a great note" It is amazing to stay positive but then I realised this was not helping me grow.So I started getting to understand how to deal with times when I felt down about a task or unaccomplished. And it is simple, I just let the feeling happen, therein can I get what the solution is.
The place of positive affirmations sometimes might not just be the best thing to do when you are at that stage of feeling limited, an affirmation might not just be the right way out, you just need to allow that feeling happen.
The words you speak might not just be the solution, the solution is for you to go do some work.
Are you feeling you are not enough? do not go on countering it by saying, “I am the best”, you will not get any better, sometimes you need to feel insufficient so as to work towards being sufficient.
Positive affirmations are lovely but do not get stuck in the delusion therein that it tends to limit the room to feed yourself more.
When faced with limitations, just understand that it is not the end of the world but an open door for growth.
This is a process you have to face, because it brings about expansion of your knowledge and insight.
When at this stage do not try to compare yourself with another party, resist that temptation because everyone has their stage of limitations and you have to go through yours individually.
Let the season of feeling limited happen because it only gives you time to learn and grow to.
Just as growth is eternal, so is a limitation experience.
Keep training your Individuality because you are the best version of You.
Is it possible? Yes, IT IS POSSIBLE.I never knew the Importance of Limitation until I was Limited.
I would not stop talking until you start living.

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