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I Miss You - I Can Fly Hand Cream

By Yessy_suwandi @yessy_1988
Yay! I feel lotsa love in the air!! Sorry for neglecting this blog for a week T_T I was so busy with my online shop bussiness, packing, inputing orders, etc.
But now, here i'm back blogging again with these cute birds hand cream!!
Anyone have heard about this series? Yeah, Etude House recently released this "I Miss You - I Can Fly" series to replace their Bee Happy line. Why Birds? From their campaigns, I think Etude House was aware Korean even the World about how suffered the birds were, most of them have no trees to go home because forests have been demolished in order to expand real estate, to build skyscrapper building, factory, and any other expansion for human being.
Now back to the products, as usual, Etude House comes with these uber cute packaging! Who could even resists these cute little birds??
Comes with 4 different color and fragrance.
The Eagle Owl Story (The pink ones) smells like cherry.
The Bluebird Story (The blue ones) smells like bubble gum.
The Kakapo Story (The green ones) smells like apple.
And the Barn Owl Story (The yellow ones) smell like peach which I love the most ^^
The handcream texture is quite thick, it feels kinda sticky at first application but then it's absorbed well by my skin. It does moisturize my entire hand and smell so nice.
By the way, how's your val-day, huh? My boyfriend and I are too old to celebrate this day. Lol. My valentine day is filled with online shop job (packing and packing T_T), and my boyfriend are busy snoring right now, enjoying his nap. "Damn! Wake up and help me, you fat!!" *pulling his body down from the bed* Lol. #justignoreit
Well, that's all i wanna share about!!
Happy valentine day all! *smooch*
Lotta Love,
I Miss You - I Can Fly Hand Cream
I Miss You - I Can Fly Hand Cream
I Miss You - I Can Fly Hand Cream
I Miss You - I Can Fly Hand Cream
I Miss You - I Can Fly Hand Cream

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