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I'm Still Not Caught Up From Sunday...not Even Close. Stressful Week Ahead

Posted on the 14 January 2014 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

I'm Still Not Caught Up From Sunday...not even close.  Stressful Week Ahead The answer to Monday's Trivia Question:  Leonardo DiCaprio started on Growing Pains where he played Luke Brower

FIRST FIVE: Karen Feldman, John Romeo, Mike O'Dea, Phyllis DiCesare & Andrea Walters Honorable Mention: Ali Accarino Friday's Cable Top 5

Gold Rush-Discovery 1.5/3.9
NBA Basketball-ESPN 1.0/2.4
Bering Sea Gold-Discovery .9/2.5
Law & Order SVU-USA .8/2.3
WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy .7/2.8

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5 Golden Globe Awards-NBC 6.5/20.9

60 Minutes-CBS 4.2/16.9
Golden Globes Arrival Special-NBC 2.8/10.7
Family Guy-FOX 2.6/5.0
Simpsons-FOX 2.2/4.3

Sunday's Cable Top 5 NA
Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings

Golden Globe Awards-NBC 2,359,200 Tweets
Girls-HBO 29,100 Tweets
True Detective-HBO 27,800 Tweets
Downton Abbey-PBX 26,900 Tweets
60 Minutes A Rod Special-11,700 Tweets

Ya know when you smell something so bad that it grosses you out but then you can't stop smelling it? That's the only comparison I can come up with for myself and this F'ing show. I can't figure out where the hate ends and the like begins. I can't figure out what keeps me coming back for more. I hate almost all of the characters, I hate almost all of their clothes, I hate almost all of the situations they are in. I hate the way they talk about sex and I hate watching them have sex. I think it's the stuff in between almost and all that keeps me coming back. I honestly don't know anybody like these people. I'm way older than them, but still, are there people out there like this? Is this what my sons friends are going to be like in 10 years? OMG I hope not. I won't be able to go to the diner with anyone without pouring soup over their heads and screaming at them. There's so much discomfort for me when I watch this show. On the flip side, some fun guest appearances: Amy Schumer, Rita Wilson, the chick from Orange is the New Black. I enjoyed that part of the show. I enjoyed learning that Adam's never played Truth or Dare and I did enjoy in an odd way when Hannah had Marnie and Shoshanna over for dinner...until Marnie spit out her taco. Yeahhhh...I can't figure this one out at all.  I'll try to figure it out in time for next weeks episode. 

Downtown Abbey

Wow, the Grantham's sure know how to have a house party don't they? Music, dancing, an opera singer, a card shark, cigars, food, drink and a rape? OMG that so caught me off guard. Everything was going on relatively well. Lady Mary went riding and actually laughed. Mr. Mosely was back on staff temporarily. Tom was feeling like a fish out of water, there was chaos in the kitchen and  Mrs. Patmore had a panic attack and Jimmy's jelly jar incident were all our normal Downton drama type stuff. Then when Lord Grantham lost a bunch of money and Lady Edith's dude got it back I thought that would be the big dramatic moment for the week and then Anna went off to get some aspirin for a headache and was  beaten and raped during the opera performance. Another shocking moment for all of us Downton fans huh?  Mr. Gillingham better look out, because if and when Mr. Bates finds out what he did to his wife, he will be a dead man. Our guys done time in the big house, you better run Gillingham because even though Anna says she doesn't want to talk about it, mark my words, her secret will be out at some point and then there will be a man with a cane at your door and you should be afraid...be very afraid. 
How I Met Your Mother
An entire episode devoted to the 4th slap. How did I feel about that? I did enjoy all the slapping, but with only 17 hours and a few episodes left, I'm really getting worried that the finale's going to suck. We all sort of agree that the show should have probably either ended, or given us Mom in May of 2012. Last season wasn't the strongest and we were all getting crazy antsy not meeting her. When word came that we were finally getting to the end, I really didn't think it would be this drawn out at all. Sure all the uses of the word slap were funny and yes I enjoyed Marshall's ridiculous story about his slap training, and the Boys 2 Men thing was sort of random and enjoyable, but it technically was a complete throw away episode. I guess they did have to tie up the slap bet since its been going on for 7 years (anyone remember the actual bet for some bonus points?) and now I'm betting that the final slap will take place at the wedding?  Usually you don't want your favorite shows to end, but I'm not only ready to let HIMYM go, I can't wait and that's not necessarily a good thing. 
The Good Wife
Do we even care about the trials anymore? All I care about is the other stuff. The Lockhart Gardner/Florick Agos battle, Kalinda/Robin/Cary, the fraudulent votes, the ethics chick, and all that juicy stuff. Bruce's songs were featured nicely in Sunday's episode, especially "High Hopes" I liked the integration, the preview etc. Nice, now lets see how many units it sells today.  
News & Information:
The Golden Globes were so great on Sunday and the ratings weren't bad either as you can see up above. I wasn't the only one watching, 20.9 million people watched along with me which was a 10 year high for both total viewers and RA18-49. E! and NBC's Red Carpet shows also did well also. 2.2 million people watched the E! Red Carpet coverage along with me. The Eonline red carpet coverage delivered record breaking traffic across the web and on mobile. 23 million page views up 26% over last year. Mobile web was up 88% in uniques with 888,000. 

Not sure why, but the third season of Newsroom will be its last. HBO has announced that the upcoming season is the shows final season. While I'm really bummed about it and  appreciate the idea of a good story that doesn't go on forever,  Newsroom is so topical that its storylines are perfect for the long run, but I've always heard that Aaron Sorkin can be tough, so maybe that has something to do with it's shorter life span. Who knows? 

Kevin Reilly announced yesterday at the Television Critics Association's Winter press tour that FOX would be "bailing out of pilot season." I really wouldn't call it bailing out, more like evolving really. With new shows constantly in development and year round scheduling a reality, pilot season just isn't what it used to be. It takes time to develop a good show and when you have to force it to be ready to make a certain time it can really have impact on the quality that ends up on the screen. I love Kevin Reilly. Could this be the big beginning for some much needed change to the Upfront? Hmmmmm

I haven't seen any of Lilyhammer on Netflix. I know I need to, but I just haven't gotten to it. Netflix just renewed it for a 3rd season. Congrats to Little Steven. He's actually a pretty busy guys and now he'll be busy working on Season 3 in between the upcoming Bruce tour and his "Underground Garage" radio show. Anyone watch Lilyhammer? I'd love some info on it. 

The new Starz pirate show, Black Sails, will debut its first episode a week early. But it won't be on Starz its  website or its app, but on Machinima. Now I only know Machinima because we do business with them and did a lot with our Droid launch with them, but I admit, prior to that I had never heard of them. Are you guys familiar with the site? Congrats to them for what I think is a big win.  Can you imagine how long its going to take soon to scroll through a TV/Video listing that's all inclusive for a night? With all of the original content distribution channels it's getting harder and harder to keep track and know where everything is.  I'm trying guys, but man it's a lot to keep up with. 
Tuesday's Trivia Question:  What was Little Steven's character's name on The Sopranos? 

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