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I’m Sort of Freaking Out!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I’m taking a small break from vacation fun to discuss running. Why?

Because I can’t go 4 minutes without thinking about eating some asphalt and I haven’t even touched my trackers in countless days.

I had have plans to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas in December! It was is going to be my very first race and I’m so so so excited!


Excited face! Excited face!

***Side Note*** I don’t drink coffee (or even eat coffee flavored things) because I see a homeopathic doctor and coffee is a natural antidote to his remedies. I didn’t miss out on the pumpkin spice at the bucks!!! Tall Non-fat Awake Tea Latte with 2 pumps pumpkin sauce! Do it!

Anyways, due to my tummy troubles I haven’t had the desire to do any running since last week. Running really aggravates my symptoms. I was pushing through really well until last week when I finally couldn’t stand feeling like ( R @ P anymore. So I haven’t ran in a week.


I’ve done 5 days of gluten free eating and I feel better but not 100%. I’m scared to get out and run and feel like I did last week. I have plans to see the doctor once I get back to really nail down what’s causing my problems. I’m also thinking about cutting out dairy too once home and away from all the festive eating.

I really want to run that half marathon and week 1 of training starts Monday. I don’t know what to do!

Should I try and train while I deal with these tummy troubles? I’m not ready to give up the dream…

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