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I’m Single, Not Dying

By Mythreesearches

I’d like to start this post by thanking all of my friends who text messaged, called, emailed and sent e-cards this morning wishing my a happy Valentine’s Day.  While I know this was mainly to get a response and make sure I wasn’t hanging from my shower rod, I appreciate your concern and love all very much. But, I promise, I am ok.  After all, I’m single, not dying!

There are a few days each year that I can remember where I was and what I was doing one year ago that day – New Years Eve, Christmas Eve, the week of January 20th (when I take my winter vacation) and, fortunately or unfortunately, Valentine’s Day.

This time last year, almost down to the hour, I received a beautiful bouquet of roses from a then ex-boyfriend in hopes of mending our relationship.  They were unexpected, romantic and wound up being the catalyst of our re-connecting.  I woke up on February 14, 2012 expecting nothing and wound up pleasantly surprised.  Although even after round two that relationship wound up failing, it was a step we needed to take to be sure we were not meant for each other.

One year later, I woke up this morning – February 14, 2013 – expecting to have a difficult day filled with reminders of my recent break up.  While there have certainly been reminders (I don’t think there is a single female at work that did not receive flowers), I am totally and completely okay.  I am content with where I am and excited about what will be.

Now, I’m not sure if this is unique to New York or because I am newly single – but V Day is definitely on steroids right now.  Did anyone else notice the Empire State Building is lit up in Pink? And it is not Breast Cancer Awareness month, people. Not to mention, every Duane Reade in the city.  Filled, and I mean floor to ceiling, with red heart shaped balloons, fake and real fuchsia flowers and boxes among boxes of heart shaped cardboard filled with chocolate.  A girl can’t go into a store to buy a new nail polish without being pummeled by reminders that she is single.Image


ImageSo instead of sitting at home being reminded of this, I decided to take action.  I bought myself beautiful flowers and have a date tonight (a first date on Valentine’s Day?  Bold, I know.  His suggestion, of course – I would never! But I’m going to assume he does not realize it is the big V today).  Excited about what tonight may bring and thrilled that being single on a day like today is not bringing me down.



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