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My Magic People

By Mythreesearches


Whether it’s the New Jersey transit or NYC Subway, for some reason whenever I’m waiting for public transportation and get frustrated that it hasn’t arrived, I text a member of a select group who I have come to identify as my magic people. It’s almost immediately after I text these people that my mode of transportation arrives.  Of course, I understand that there is likely a connection between the length of time I’m waiting before I get frustrated and text and the frequency of the 167 bus and 2 or 3 trains.

Regardless of this undeniable connection,  it still feels like magic when I text one of these people, hence the title of the group and this post.

I think the extent to which these people provide comfort, reassurance and an edit product extends beyond public transportation.  Having supportive friends, roommates and family has come to mean the world to me.  

It wasn’t until yesterday when I was waiting for the crosstown bus that I got to wondering – can we become our own magic person and, if so, how?

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