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It’s Not Weird, I Promise

By Mythreesearches

ImageMark and I had exchanged a few messages when he asked for my number.  I was impressed by the way he asked and thought his choice of words was both articulate and mature.  I responded and included my number at the bottom of my message.

A few nights later, when walking home from yet another bad date, my phone rang.  It was him. After the date I had just been on, I had no energy for this conversation.  In fact, the only thing I had energy for was to lie down and pass out.  So I decided not to answer.

A few days passed when Mark called a second time.  I was shocked that he followed up after not receiving a call back from me.  I was still at work when he called but knew I had to call back when I got home.

“Hey Mark! How are you?”

“I’m doing really well, thanks for asking! Who is this?”

A pretty friendly response when he didn’t know who was on the other end. Right?!

“Sorry, it’s Tamar.”

“Oh, great to hear from you!”

We went on chatting for no more than three minutes when the bomb dropped.

“I hope you don’t think this is weird, but I’m going to hop in the shower. I have a blue tooth in my shower so it’s no problem at all.”

WHAT? I knew I had encountered some bizarre people and gone on some terrible dates but this was taking it to a new level.

“Oh, that’s alright – we can just talk another time” I quickly (and naturally) objected.

“No, no.  It’s not weird at all – in fact, I do it all of the time.”

If anything, in my book, that made it even more weird!

“No – really it’s fine. I would rather talk another time” I responded – this time a little more firmly.

“Ok, well in that case I’ll make it a quick shower and call you back in 10 minutes?” he suggested.

“Alright but I umm may fall asleep.” I mean what else was I supposed to say? I had no choice but to get out of talking to this guy anymore than I already had.

Needless to say, after that awkward conversation I never heard from Mark again.  Still trying to figure this one out – does he shower so frequently that he needs to maximize his time while he’s in the shower, is he really so busy that he has to multi-task or is he just plain weird?  As much as I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, I would bet a lot on the fact that it’s the last possibility.

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