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I'm Not a Tourist

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir

from G Adventures on Vimeo.
Travel is what most people do to see the world. Traveler is what you call a person who is traveling. Tourist is another term use for a person who travels. Now how does this two person differ from each other? Watch the video above to understand the difference between the two.

from G Adventures on Vimeo.
I love to travel. I've always thought that going to places I've never been to before is enough. But these videos just gave me another reason to travel more. Now I understand what's the meaning behind experiencing other country's culture. Everyone travels to learn, to experience and to grow. I don't think that setting foot in another place/country, and taking pictures of old buildings is enough to experience all that. If you want to learn, experience and grow, then I suggest you explore the place you visit. Be a real traveler. That's what I'm also planning to do. :)

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