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I'm Moving in with My Husband for the 1st Time

By Mikidemann @mikidemann
I am not sure how clear I have been on my husband and my living situation. Some people think it's really odd. We have a roommate. So Jared owned the house before he and I were married (or even dating). He had his brother living in a bedroom, and Laughter (pronounced like lauder from Ft. Lauderdale) living in the 3rd bedroom. Devin his brother got married and moved away. Jared and I got engaged, and I moved in. Laughter has always been there. We didn't need all 3 bedrooms when we got married, and Laughter was in school, so it just worked out. He was saving money, and with the rent he pays we were saving money! 
Well Laughter finished school to be a nurse (congrats Laud!!) and he's thinking about purchasing his own house while the market is a buyers market. Last night he told J and I that he's thinking about being out within a month! I was really sad because Laughter is one of my best friends. He and I get along great. Plus he's so good with my baby bear, Shia. When J leaves town for whatever reasons, it's always been comforting to me to know that Laughter was downstairs because I knew I was going to get robbed. 
[Laughter and I on Halloween a few years ago (he's really only 30 not 80) and I'm not really a mummy]I'm moving in with my husband for the 1st time
Now I am getting butterflies. I get to move in with my husband ALONE for the first time. It's kind of fun that we still have these steps to look forward to even though we're married. Don't get me wrong.. it's not like the 3 of us sit down to eat dinner together every night. We don't even see each other every day. Laughter has his own entrance, and he has been going to school 5 days a week, and working full time for himself. It's not like he's even around too often. However, I like that my house is never quiet. There's always someone watching Ultimate Fighter in my basement. It smells like dinner when I walk in, because Laud made food for himself. It's just homey. I think with just the 2 of us it will be so quiet. Who's going to bring home girls for me to critique?? Definitely not J! 
Any advice for living ALONE with my own husband ;) ??

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