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I’m Being Real!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Good morning friends! How’s the day treating you?

I’m sad to day it but this is our weather forecast today…


Yep that pretty much kills Spring Break. Luckily, I’ve been under the weather all week so I haven’t missed out. Sometimes all your body needs is rest and I’ve definitely gotten that.



I thought you needed a glimpse of the storm. I had some strawberry yogurt and tea to sooth my throat.

It definitely hit the spot.

I’m going to talk about IT!

I’ve confessed to suffering from binge eating on this blog before but I’ve never openly talked about my problem freely.

I guess I didn’t want this blog to be a negative place but what I’m realizing is my binge eating does dictate my health and ability to lose or maintain weight. And talking about this topic doesn’t have to be a negative. It can be a positive healing and awareness tool.

Some people write about calorie restricting and trying to lose weight, I’m want to sometimes talk about my struggles with binge eating. I’m hoping that talking about my struggles will help me heal from this disorder faster.


So, I binged last night. It all started innocently. I was hungry because I ate dinner to early, I was a little careless with my food yesterday because I didn’t have a lot going on. Boredom! Snacking can be the worst trigger for me. After I ate dinner I just didn’t want to be done eating so I made a snack. Then I munched some crackers while my family played card games. After I ate two granola bars. I wasn’t hungry for anything after I had dinner.

I think one of the biggest misunderstandings about binge eating is what actually qualifies a binge. I can tell the difference between overeating and bingeing because something in my brain switches off. I eat because I can. It’s like I “allow” myself to eat without care.

Sometimes a binge can consist of less food than when I overeat and a binge doesn’t have to be burgers, fries, potato chips and desserts. Sometimes I binge on healthy foods. Basically, the difference is loss of control.

I know what usually triggers my problem, when I’m careless during the day. When I keep my eating structured I’m less likely to fall off the bandwagon. I don’t mean structure like an eating schedule, which I’ve followed due to professional advice but it didn’t work for me. I mean when I get careless about calories. When I feel like I’ve wasted calories I slack off. I lose most of my motivation. Which is exactly what happened today.

I’m hoping that by discussing my struggles with food I’ll be able to better control myself. Hopefully gain the motivation I need to recognize I’m struggling and pull myself out before I binge.


Do you struggle with anything like this? How do you deal with compulsions?

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