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I’m A Proud Mama

By Lilveggiepatch @Lilveggiepatch

… of my cabbage baby! My two-week project, sauerkraut, was finally ready to taste a few days ago. I used this recipe and although I lost 1/4 of the jars early on due to mold, the rest turned out.

homemade sauerkraut.jpg

And guys! It tastes like real sauerkraut! I’ll never buy packaged stuff again.


I brought it to work today to show off to one of my coworkers, another homesteading enthusiast. It made for a great lunch along with a big salad and a couple chai-spiced date rolls (which I’m kind of obsessed with, by the way).


We went foraging again a few days ago. Turns out, there’s a wild cherry tree mere steps from home!

wild cherry tree.jpg

You can distinguish a cherry tree by its bark; it has little horizontal marks all over it.

cherry tree bark.jpg

The cherries were small, tart, and oh-so cute!

foraged cherries.jpg

Our tomato trees are also fruiting! Well, B’s tomato trees are fruiting. I think I have either a) male plants, or b) a black thumb. Sadly I think the latter is more likely, although my basil plant is flourishing!

tomato plant.jpg

We each tried a cute little tomato. Juicy, sweet, and pesticide-free!

homegrown tomato.JPG

My last mini-project isn’t exactly to do with foodie things, but it’s a way to prolong your manicure. As a server in a restaurant, my hands get pretty rough treatment during my shifts. I’m lucky if a manicure lasts two days! I read somewhere that adding a layer of sparkly polish to nails makes the chips less noticible.

sparkle nail polish.jpg

It really helps! I’m also a convert to Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry top coat… I will never again have to worry about smearing my wet nails when I paint them at home.

hide chipped nails.jpg

What little projects do you have going on?

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