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I Love...

By Babyjandbean
I love that the boys play together now. This is one of the many benefits of having children so close in age.
I Love...
At times, they fight over toys. They push. They pull. They hit. They bite. I don't like that they do these things but they are brothers. It's normal. And I do my best to provide adequate, positive discipline. But I am just so happy that they are becoming the becoming the best of friends.
I Love...
They have different abilities and different interests but they always find something that they can have fun doing together. Like hanging out in a laundry basket.
I love that they are brothers and buddies. 
I love that they are built-in playmates and that they are learning from each other. 
I love that they imitate each other and try to one-up each other in cuteness - it's not possible, for the record - they are both excruciatingly cute.
I love that they fill my house and my life with squeals, laughter and love.

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