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I Like Big Planes That Are Loud and Fast

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Yesterday we sat on the roof all afternoon waiting to watch the Blue Angles fly at the local airshow. They fly right over our house, and office so sitting on the roof gives you an awesome view.



I insisted that we get slurpees before going on the roof. I didn’t skip the 2 blocks to 7-11……


We’re raisin’ the roof on this biscuit!


We saw the Snow Birds, which are smaller planes that fly in groups from Canada. They are pretty cool… but the Blue Angels are from the navy, I think. They’re faster, louder, and basically all around more awesome!

But the blue angels never flew because the marine layer (aka fog) rolled in and the “ceiling” (layer of clouds in the sky) was too low for them to fly.


I bought these cool boots yesterday with red zippers! I also have the same pair in gray with blue zippers…. I’m realizing now I might be shoe obsessed and should probably not bring up such topics on this blog.



I went to the store last night in a frantic panic for Cinnamon Chex and they didn’t have any!!!!


Not happy.  So I suffered with honey nut instead. It’s pretty good… but it’s no cinnamon.


Breakfast was greek yogurt with honey nut chex stuffed inside & awake tea with vanilla soymilk.



It was the yummy fig yogurt that I love from vacation! Score for the grocery outlet.

I just realized my nose has fig yogurt on it from trying to lick the inside of the carton… with that I will go reclaim my dignity with a shower.

Tell me about you!!!! I want to know…..

If fog has ever ruined your plans?

Have you started making your christmas list yet?

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