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I Keep Eating Mountains of Mexican Food

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Yesterday I ate this mountain, the Taco Salad Mountain. Which was amazingly tweeted about by PaperBlog this morning. I was shocked.

Then today for lunch I ate this mountain.


The Blackened Shrimp Tostada Mountain.

It’s no secret, we eat a lot of Mexican Taqueria food in my family. I joined my Dad, Jaemen and a business associate of my Dad’s at Michael’s Taqueria in Old Town Salinas for lunch.



I’ve blogged about this restaurant a few times because we go there a lot! I think it’s one of the best Mexican Food places in South Salinas.


It’s little but packs a pretty darn good flavor punch.

We started with chips and salsa.


This place started out on my good list because they give each diner their own chips and HUGE cup of salsa. I may or may not like double dipping. Shhh!


I ordered the blackened shrimp toastada. I couldn’t finish it. It’s massive.



Look at that! Oh so yummy.


The table’s eats.


It still  hasn’t happened. But not because I’m not feeling it like this morning. Now, I’m just waiting so I don’t spend all afternoon and evening sweaty and gross. But I did find a really cool new arm exercise in Health Magazine that I did, my arms are shaking as I type. And I bought a new running toy so I don’t have to lug my garmin and iPhone with me every run.


iPod Shuffle, in orange. So much nicer than wearing that heavy arm band that’s for sure.

Here’s that new workout.


It’s basically a yoga flow. I did each pose for a long calming breath, just like the magazine indicated, for 8 repetitions. Whoa, so hard. My arms and core were shaking by rep. 5.


Things are going to be pretty hectic tonight so I probably wont get an early dinner post in, for the mid-westerners and east coasters.

  • 3:00- take my Grandma to her hair appointment
  • 3:30- run 3 miles
  • 4:15- stretch and meet Dorothy for jog
  • 5:00- leave for Monterey for basketball game(s)
  • 5:30- arrive late to first game
  • 7:30- game 1 of the Seaside Summer Tournament
  • 9:00- home

So a dinner post and run recap will be pretty late. I hope you all want to stay up for it.

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