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I Hope He Got Laid

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
Hey There:
One of my weekly rituals is to go to The Ould Sod on Tuesdays when they have a group of musicians playing live Irish music. I find it soothing and it energizes my creativity. I like to have one beer, read, make a plan of what I will be writing in the following week, maybe talk to some of the regulars, meet new people, etc.
Granted, the last couple of months I haven't been doing too much writing. It has mostly been talking to the other regulars and the bartender, Sara Petite, a local country singer. She's great!
Last night I got there, minding my own business, sitting in my usual spot but this time it wasn't a pleasant experience. Next to me was a couple in their mid-twenties having a drink and talking. Wait....what I meant was....SHE was talking, he had a blank stare, out in space.
This girl annoyed the hell out of me with a loud, shrill voice, valley girl way of speaking and just yapping and yapping and yapping. I mean, non-stop yapping about her current job, her previous jobs, her volunteer work, her vacation in Martha's Vineyard, and so on. I tried very hard to shut her out and concentrate on the music and my book, but it was hard. Now to be fair, they did have a 10 minute conversation where he got to speak and was animated, then she took over again and his blank stare returned.
Not sure if they were a couple, their body language said they've only recently met. Eventually they left for another bar together, he had his arm loosely around her waist and my ears rejoiced. I compared notes with the guy next to me, who was also trying to read and we both agreed, if the guy had to put up with her, he deserves to get some.
I texted a friend and he said something that made my feminist side feel chastised. I said "I can't believe what men put up with to get laid." He said "I can't believe women put up with having sex just to have someone to listen to them." But I still maintain my point, because we have the option to talk non-stop with girl-friends while they talk non-stop as well.
And I really do hope he got laid! He earned it.

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