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I Heart Fridays!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

OMG today has turned into such an awesome day! Total TGIF moment!


First I went by the office only to find out that we were celebrating my cousin Steven’s last work day at my Dad’s office. Sad, but he chose where we all had lunch.


Steven wanted to go to In-N-Out Burger! I knew there had to be a reason why he was my favorite

Winking smile
. Just kidding other cousins.


I had a cheeseburger minus the tomato, with onion and mustard instead of secret sauce. Dad and I shared the fries.




Boo yeah! Burger Time.

Then I decided to drive over to the local Sports Authority to survey the running shoe selection. I went yesterday and tried on a few pairs then decided to go home and think the purchase over. I’m a very frugal shoe shopper and spending more than $60 on a pair is pretty steep.


Yep new trackers in the house people. I fell in love with the Nike LunarGlide+ 3’s.


I’m pretty picky when it comes to running shoes. I tore my plantar fascia in high school, had a stress fracture in the same foot, and now I’ve had reconstructive ankle surgery. Anything I put on my feet is a major life decision at this point.

I’ve been a die hard New Balance fan for probably 4 years. But after trying on the recent New Balances, a few different pairs of Asics, I completely shun Adidas and Saucony, and of course trying all the new Nike’s I went with the LunarGlide+3’s.

The cushion is awesome but the sole still has a lot of stability, a problem Nike has had for me in the past. I also really like how the heal rolls my foot inward during my stride. I know most runners aren’t too into Nike but it’s what works for me this trip.

Plus the colors are 100% awesome!


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