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I Have Work In My Country.

Posted on the 10 December 2011 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

I Have Work In My Country.I Have Work In My Country.The other day when I was in the Ophthalmology Department, a very energetic old man came for his regular eye check up. After knowing that I was from Nepal he asked me if I would stay back in Dhaka after I completed my graduation. As I was in a hurry to leave, I gave him the shortest answer as possible. I told him that I have work in Nepal and so I will not stay back. I actually didn’t realize what I said until he gave me a reply that dazzled me. I was hoping for phrases like “OK” and “that’s nice” but he said that he was very impressed to hear me say “I have work in Nepal”.

It was a very regular day for me but he turned it into a day of realizations. I guess acknowledging the fact that your country needs work is the first step to become a responsible citizen.

We are passionate in different fields but what distinguishes each of us is the fact that we choose to work for different people. For instance, If You study in the USA and work there, you will be working for the USA and not for any specific company. How many of you will work for your own country?

My five-year plan after grad school is to work for the Ministry of Health along with that I want I want to be the leading voice who believes in preventive medicine. I want HNF to run health campaign in all the  75 districts of Nepal.

People work for different countries and it’s absolutely justifiable to work for another country because you get to learn new things from them and if you bring that knowledge back to your own country then it could do wonders for you and your country.

Just recently today I heard that the MOH will be distributing free meds for people who suffer from non-communicable disease like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer. I am actually not certain how this could be feasible for our country because these drugs cost more money and since they are to be taken for a lifetime, the expenses will keep increasing over the years. Hope the government is ready for such a huge commitment. I see work growing in Nepal, I see opportunities that could actually make my country achieve the MDG’s goals at a faster rate. What do you see?

I want to work for Nepal and do think that Nepal needs work in terms of health. You must have read this phrase:” Prevention is better than cure”. I am going to make sure that this phrase is sustainably implemented in Nepal. Before I left the Eye Department that man wished me good luck for my work in Nepal. I will never forget him.

Happy Working people!

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