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I Have Taken an Overdose What Do I Do?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10079508 I have taken an overdose what do I do?

I have taken an overdose what do I do?

“I have taken an overdose what do I do?” is not the type of question you ever want to have to answer, but it is one I have had to answer on more than one occasion.

If you have taken an overdose you need to act fast and speak out. Even if you feel well in yourself you need medical assistance. Please do not take risks and chances.

999 is the number you need to phone NOW if you are alone, do not worry that you are wasting their time, they will take your call seriously. Taking an overdose is life threatening.

If you are not alone you need to go and tell someone who is home with you. If you are frightened call a family member or a close friend who can come and be with you until help arrives.

It is a sad thought that around one million people commit suicide each year, including more than 6,000 in the UK and Ireland, of whom around 1,500 are women and 4,500 men. You are not alone.

Overdose Warning Signs or Symptoms

  • May experience nausea or vomiting
  • May fail to respond to calling their name or shaking them
  • May seem to be sleeping
  • May make snoring or gurgling type noises
  • Pupils may appear small
  • Limbs may shake

The Dangers Of Taking An Overdose

Taking an overdose can cause a large variety of symptoms and dangers and these can progress over several days. Serious overdose symptoms will show within 24 hours. You are at serious risk of liver failure if you do not seek medical intervention. Multiple organ failure can occur, depending upon the extent of the overdose

Suicide Help Resources

If you are thinking about taking an overdose or have taken an overdose and you would like to speak to someone who can help you;

Samaritans; Need help? In the United Kingdom, call 08457 90 90 90

Samaritans; Need help? In ROI, call 1850 60 90 90

A trained Samaritans volunteer will talk to you. Samaritans volunteers are trained in many of the same techniques as professional counsellors, but they won’t judge you or tell you what to do.

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