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I Have Bipolar; Getting My Happy Pills

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I was sat in the doctor’s surgery a few days ago now and a so called friend or lets say some snotty women

who I know from our kids being in the same class at school came in and took the seat next to me. I Have Bipolar; Getting My Happy Pills

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She made small talk and I nodded and smiled in the right places, I always feel out of place with these types of people. I began to wish I had actually bothered to plaster on some make up or at least brush my hair before leaving the house now, she made me feel under-dressed and her strong perfume was making me cough.


The following conversation then took place;


Friend – God I feel sorry for her kids

Me – who?


Friend nods towards the lady sat at the back of the GP’s surgery


Me – Why?

Friend – Well so and so told me that she’s always screaming and shouting at her kids.

Me – Don’t we all

Friend – I know but she always looks so miserable and she never talks to any of the mums at school

Me – Maybe she doesn’t know anyone

Friend – She could make the bloody effort, she always looks scruffy and never smiles

Me – Maybe she’s depressed ?

Friend – Well if she’s got a mental illness surely someone should be checking she’s looking after them poor kids properly?


My name flashes on the screen and I stand to go to to visit the GP I see each month for a repeat prescription of my medication.


Friend – Hope what ever your here for gets better soon

Me – Just hear to get more happy pills love, I have Bipolar, its a mental illness.


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