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I Have a Thing for People Who Work with Their Hands.

By Melissa Boles @_mboles


This year, for More Love Letters’ 12 Days of Love Letter Writing, I was lucky enough to write a letter to a wonderful woman who impresses me to no end. If you’re interested in writing your own letter to this amazing woman, stay until the end of the post.

Dearest Kitty,

Girl, let me tell you something. I have a thing for people who work with their hands. I have a thing for scars and bruises from hard work (or in my case, an inability to walk and hold things at the same time), because it shows a love for what someone is doing. It shows someone who is putting their whole. entire. body. into something and girl, if that ain’t the coolest thing, I don’t know what is.

I hear you work with your hands. I hear you often come home with bruises and smashed fingernails. And I hear that you love it.

I don’t work with my hands. I sit at a computer and write emails and sometimes talk to students, but the only thing my hands are doing is typing furiously, and that doesn’t (often) cause smashed fingernails.

So can I say something?

I am so impressed by you.



Blown. Away.

I’ve never been where you are. I’ve never rested in your shoes, and I don’t know if I’d make it. To work as hard as you do – not just in your professional life, but personally too – you must have strength the likes of which many people have never seen. Particularly some of those people who might think you can’t do what you’re doing. Because you’re petite. Because you’re new to the job. Because you’re female.

People notoriously underestimate the strength of women. The emotional and psychological strength, sure, but also the physical strength. And I just want to say thank you to you – thank you, for showing such emotional and psychological strength; thank you, for showing the kind of physical strength that you show every. day.; and thank you, Kitty, for being the woman that you are. Thank you for blessing this world with your love, and your light.

And your strength.

And most of all, thanks for working with your hands. I dig it.

All my love,


The Love Letter Request

This request comes from Kitty’s best friend of over twenty years. She tells us “Kitty came into my life one day in eighth grade, and brought with her sunny hilarity, a love of fun, and an exuberant, quirky, generously loving personality. Kitty saved parts of my soul that I believe would have otherwise shriveled up and died from lack of nurture.”

Many years into their friendship, Kitty was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. As she could not afford the medication most people use to be functional, she has managed her symptoms through “grit and a dedication to life”. While working to recover from an injury Kitty discovered that she loved building things and began working toward becoming a carpenter. Kitty’s friend says “Carpentry is not just her vocation, it is her calling. Kitty is tiny, but she hefts huge loads on the back she still takes good care of. She comes home from work bruised, with smashed fingernails– and she doesn’t care. This work is in her bones. The carpentry profession is male-dominated, and not only is Kitty a woman, she is a woman who is new to the trade. She deals with rampant sexism on the job, and has to work twice as hard as her male co-workers to earn the respect that they receive from one another immediately. Kitty shows up on time, works incessantly, and stays late. She loves her work but struggles with self-doubt in a field that does not encourage women.”

Let’s send some much needed encouragement to this unique and wonderful woman!

Where to Send Your Letter
(All letters must be postmarked by December 20th, 2013!)
Kitty’s Bundle
c/o Joy M.
33 South Catalina Ave.
Suite 204

I have a thing for people who work with their hands.

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