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When You Let Go, You Grow.

By Melissa Boles @_mboles

For the last three years, I’ve chosen a word to focus on during the year.  The first year was Challenge.  The second year was Magic.

This year, it’s Grow.

This last year was not at all what I thought it would be, and I let that get to me.  We’re five days in to 2015 and sometimes I’m still letting it get to me.  (It’s harder than I thought to let go of some things.)  I allowed myself to be unhappy instead of choosing to be happy.  It’s harder than I thought to choose to be happy.

As I began to think about what 2015 would need to look like, Grow was a word that stuck out almost immediately.  Not only do I need to grow in my ability to choose happiness, I need to grow in so many other ways too.  I need to be more patient and loving with people.  I need to find my own motivation when certain things aren’t giving me any.  I need to learn to say no when I don’t want to do something instead of letting people make me feel guilty.  I need to embrace who I am, instead of who others want me to be.


Growth is a process, that’s something I know.  It’s not going to happen overnight (even though I sure would love that).  It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to be pretty, but it is going to be worth it, I know that much.

There are a lot of places in which I need to grow, so I’m starting the process slowly.  I spent the first full weekend of 2015 reading and cleaning out my email inbox.  Tonight I have plans to put together a reading list and make a writing plan.  I’m getting back into the things that I love and left behind at the end of last year.  I’m going to be taking a hard look at my finances this month.  I’m attending a guided meditation class on Wednesday.  I’m thinking about trying to find other classes to take.

I have a strong desire to learn and grow.  I’ve always wanted to know all of the things and read all of the books, but I certainly can’t get there if I spend all of my time watching TV shows and eating things that taste good but don’t make me feel good (dear gluten, we need to make a final decision, as this on-again-off-again thing isn’t really working for me).  It’s time for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.  And I’m ready for it.

2015 has just begun – it’s not too late to choose a word for the year!  Visit to follow along with some Student Affairs professionals who are learning how to embody and embrace our words this year, and visit Becca Obergefell’s blog if you need help choosing a word.  (These are just the resources I know off-hand – there are lots out there!)

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