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I Hate to Say I Told You So, But…

By Tfabp
Way back in this post, I chided the Yankees for not promoting Jesus Montero from the minor leagues. At times over the last couple of years, he has been the subject of trade rumors, being offered (Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez) or being wanted in any deal by a number of clubs. After his performance this weekend, it may begin becoming clearer just what we have in this young kid.
How young? Well he became only the 8th 21 and under major leaguer to hit 2 homeruns in a game, joining Manny Rameriz, and a bunch of middling youngsters like Tom Brunanski, Don Money, and Curt Blefary. Here’s hoping he ends up more like Ramerez and less like Blefary.
Minor leaguers performances after September call ups is a crapshoot. Many more don’t make an impact, while few grasp the mantle of stud and go on to phenomenal major league careers, so the fact that Montero hit two homers in his 4th game in the majors comes with mixed messages. One is that this is a true superstar in the making while the other is a long string of “one hit wonders” who never amount to much in the majors.
The Yankees are going to take a long look at Montero this month and I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes the playoff roster. He would do that in place of Jorge Posada, or possibly one pitcher who is left off the playoff team. Then again, after the major league scouts get a good look at him, compare notes and send reports to the big clubs, we will get to see just how he adjusts to changes in the way he is pitched to.
My only question, besides how well will he do, is what took the Yankees so long?

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