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I Guess I'm "Chaotic Evil"

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure
The other night, my oldest Son was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, and he was on his headset talking to “his buddies” as he calls them. I am a fan of PlayStation3 (don't judge me!), so I do not know too much about Xbox360, just that I have one because it was the 'thing' to buy at the time. I then proceeded to ask him if they really were his buddies in real life. He said some are but there are also guys he has never met, they just talk through Xbox LIVE and partner up in Black Ops.
I asked my Son the name of the guy he was currently talking to and he said “Jester*”. When he saw my perplexed face, he said that "Jester*" was his gamer tag, but his real name was Pierre*.
So I told my Son to tell Pierre* that I said hi. He did and then he handed me the headset and said to say something to him. Our conversation went as follows:
“Hello Pierre*!”“Hey what’s going on?”
“Not much, watching my Son play…how do we know you are not a killer?”
Eerie laughter.
“No, seriously?”“Na, I’m not a killer, just a real BIG FAN of Black Ops.”
A big fan, huh.
Anyway, my Son was explaining to me the different types of gamers. According to him, there are three different types, the good guys, the neutrals, and the plain evil guys. Each of these three categories can be further broken down into something like this:


... graphic compliments of PC Gamer

Pierre* falls under "chaotic good" according to my Son. According to my observations, my Son falls under "chaotic evil" and his girlfriend (soon to be daughter-in-law) is a "lawful neutral". I wonder what kind of gamer I am.
Probably a "chaotic evil" like my Son. I may just have to play a game of Black Ops to find out.
FYI: * Names have been changed to protect the innocent...or not so innocent.

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