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Busy Morning, With Jack-O'-Lanterns

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure
Well, as the Halloween season creeps and crawls into our lives, many stores are getting prepped with decorations, and party favors. My youngest and I have been making our  own arrangements as well...
I am quite the fan of Halloween! More importantly, though, you can't possibly celebrate Halloween PROPERLY without a jack-o-lantern!!!
Busy Morning, With Jack-O'-Lanterns Busy Morning, With Jack-O'-Lanterns I choose to escape my busy and demanding schedule, throw my stern fatherhood/parenting aside for one evening and just have some harmless fun.  I am not out sacrificing animals or my fellow humans. I am not out vandalizing property, etc. either.
I choose to celebrate the lighter side of the eventful night as I try and put a more positive spin on Halloween. Halloween is a scary way to make and have fun. Today's kids have the option to wear funny costumes from movies.  Kids wear Batman's costumes and many other different comic heroes. None the less, kids young and old love to wear costumes and run from door to door and collect candies and there is nothing wrong with this in my opinion.  I guess, being that I am a responsible citizen and I would never harm another person with razor blades in apples... bad candy... I always take my kid(s) out, supervise them on their stroll and always check their stash of candy before they chow down.
To me and my friends, Halloween is about community, sharing and being neighbourly. I have met families I might not of in my neighbourhood by opening up my door and sharing a treat on this night.  Seriously, what other night of the year do we share with complete strangers right from our own doorstep?  If anything, Halloween is a time of fellowship with our neighbours.  Halloween is a time that children get to be whoever they want to be, with joy, fun and silliness.  Halloween is a time for parents to escape from the constraints of a stressful world and be like children again themselves.  I know I do!!!  Halloween to me is not about standing in a fight against good and evil, it's about generosity, kindness and giving.
The origins of the holiday really do not matter to me, so don't bother telling them to me.  The way I see things, if the devil is expecting worship then he must be very disappointed in the generosity, fun, kindness and giving that have evolved around the day instead.  Besides, when Jesus said, "It is finished," I believe he meant it.  The truth to me is that most people including some Christians have nothing to fear on this day or any other day. God is God and his promises are always kept. So yes... I personally have no problem celebrating Halloween, but I do respect those who make the choice not to.
For those of you who do not celebrate this event... enjoy a wonderful Autumn night!
For those of you who do celebrate Halloween..... have yourself one spooky and safe evening!

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