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I Got This.

By Jenrene

Have you ever told someone “I got this?”

I Got This.
Have you ever felt like you were really on top of something and it felt like you could just take over the world?

Have you ever had a situation take a drastic turn, even when you thought you had it under control? I believe that’s because sometimes we think: “I got this.” And God has  to show us, we really don’t.

I have had this overconfident feeling before I take a test, before I face a writing task, before I take on a challenging case, present  before a class or taught my college students; before I  talk to someone and counsel them…but I think I really know deep down inside that “without Him I am nothing. God knows the direction everything should take in my life. Without His direction, I fail every time.

Self pride is a really big deal that can thwart the life lesson and sense of direction of where God intends  for us to learn.  The word says“Pride precedes a disaster, and an arrogant attitude precedes a fall.”  (Proverbs 16:18)  Confidence, on the other hand - in God- is another deal. Confidence helps you remain in Him, and continually seek His face. where are you?

Do you seek God even when you think you “got this?” Or do you just head on full force, only to remember half way through it all, that you could fall  on your face and fail  at any moment?

I like to get up every day and give my day to the Father. He’s so cool, because He knows what’s going to happen already. He just joins with me in the morning, helping my day to have better outcomes, because I asked Him to join me  in its success.

What a wonderful feeling to know God is with us, even when we have moments of vulnerability, insecurity, weakness and even when feel confident! So choose confidence in God, instead of overconfidence!

Hmm… yes.. I got this!

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