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I Get Mail – BOOBIES!

Posted on the 30 January 2013 by Reprieve @EvoAnth

Whilst I will confess to some name calling in the past, I’ve always tried to couple it with some kind of reasonable argument. Yet there are a few times people tell me something that is just so not even wrong that it’s hard to do little more than stand there, jaw on the floor. I feel like sharing this experience, so here is one such comment I got the other day.

Why do adolescent girls have such pert boobies? According to someone in the thread below, it’s to advertise the fact they haven’t got up the duff yet and still have all their baby making years ahead of them. Is this right or crap?

I’ve omitted the link, but you aren’t really missing out. Sadly it isn’t a kooky thread of people explaining how every possible attribute has evolved, just a genuine conversation interrupted by someone asserting the above. 

The comment was left on the ever popular sexual selection post I made; which isn’t that surprising because it’s always been a magnet for strangeness. WordPress tells me that people continue to find it via search terms like “is hair sexy” and other such thought-provoking questions.

Also, I feel obliged to point out that yes, the idea is crap.

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