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I Don’t Love You Any More

By Claire

I’ve been hooked by Pinterest! And dearest English Wedding blog, while you’ll always be foremost in my heart (after all, I do love you in the deep and meaningful-est of ways) – I’m having a flirtation with Pinterest. Call it a crush.

Wedding blog pinterest feature (2)
It’s shallow, I know – but this gorgeous little website is so very pretty and enchanting, it’s turning into a little bit of an addiction with me! I turn on the computer to blog something, I do a little research… I inevitably find a gorgeous creative wedding image I love, and I hit my little ‘Pin It’ button.

And we’re away. The addiction kicks in, the romance is back… I see what my friends have pinned, and my friends are fab so I repin their pins. I comment on their pins, and then I see the little heart icon on their boards and I click it. “I love this!” “Oooh so pretty!”

It’s like bubble wrap. A sheet of bubble wrap, a single drawing pin… the sheer enjoyment of ‘pop… pop… pop’ is hugely satisfying. So it goes with ‘pin… pin… pin’!

Wedding blog pinterest feature (1)

I have a growing collection of boards on Pinterest. Creative Weddings is full of ‘out of the box’ visual wedding ideas. ‘Live happy‘ is all about things that just make me smile: simple pleasures. ‘Products I love‘ is a bit silly if we’re honest… but it’s so much fun.

Wedding blog pinterest feature (3)

I made boards for you too, lovely blog: I made ‘wedding cakes‘ and ‘wedding flowers‘ and even ‘wedding dresses‘ (where I just swoon at pins by LoveMyDressBlog and StyleMePretty to be honest! Repin… oh yes!)

My favourites of all are wedding photography. I’ve repinned wedding photography and wedding photo art – the latter board for when I actually fall off my chair and hit the floor. And these two Pinterest boards made me realise what’s most important in my world…

English Wedding blog Pinterest review feature
…it’s those images that wow me. Those images that are more than pretty, that really excite and inspire me. The zip files in my inbox that take a few seconds of delightful anticipation before I can see the beautiful wedding blogger treats inside… the little clap I do (honest!) when I see an email from one of my favourite wedding photographers.

That’s why I have a wedding blog. It’s not for money, it’s for love. I love English Wedding blog after all – but at the same time… I have a huge crush on Pinterest. Maybe it’s a girl-crush like the girls at Rock My Wedding blog have all the time… I think that makes it ok. I do love you after all. I’m going to make you a Pinterest board. English Wedding blog.

Wedding blog pinterest feature (4)

Have you caught the Pinterest bug? Leave a comment – I’d love to see your boards and pins!

Claire xxx

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