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“I Cry Because Others Are Stupid and That Makes Me Sad.”

By Actuallystrange @ActuallyStrange

I just saw a clip where an Occupy protestor said that he wouldn’t care if 9/11 happened “911 more times.” This is obviously a stupid statement due to the political, economic and societal problems that would be created if 9/11 happened “911 more time.”

However, I realised that statements such as the above don’t make me angry. I feel sorry for the lesser intelligent who make statements like that because I wonder what happened in their life to cause them to be uneducated.

My dad says intelligence has almost everything to do with the genetics. I agree to some extent; some people just lack what is needed to increase their knowledge and wisdom. However, even those who by genetics are predisposed to be ignorant should have opportunities to learn. Why don’t they?

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