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I Choose Love by The Coronas.

Posted on the 13 February 2020 by Melodicwisdom

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, it comes without saying that the next song I write about should have "love" in the title.

I picked this song for a couple reasons -

One, it reminds me of the type of song that a guy in college would write about his girlfriend. It's very raw, honest, and personal. There's no commercial-feeling, it wasn't written by an outside songwriter as part of an ongoing batch of songs they've already sold.

Two, acoustic just makes it even more romantic. It's the kind of song where you could pick up a guitar and sing it to your significant other. The kind of song you can sing outside your lover's window as the neighbors either complain or listen in awe of your romanticism.

I Choose Love was released in 2007 by the The Coronas on their debut album, Heroes or Ghosts. The band formed in 2003 during college in Ireland. Today, they've released five albums, with a 6th one coming out on May 29th.

The lyrics describe a person leaving their significant other because they are unsure of the relationship and want to find themselves. After they had a chance to reflect, they realize that they miss the person and don't want to lose them.

I've had the pleasure of seeing them live and meeting the band's lead singer, Danny O'Reilly. They are wonderful group of guys and their show was amazing. Click HERE if you'd like to hear this song live from a gig back in 2017.

Mistakes have been made
Two lives have been changed
I know you've cried
Please say it's not too late
And I know why I'm unwell
I want you for myself
I've seen both sides
And I choose love over anything else...

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