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I Became An Escort To Feed My Kids

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Well, my story starts a few years ago. Freshly separated from my ex husband, though still living together. Thoroughly miserable and financially cut off (as he was still living in my house and would not leave I did not get the benefits I needed to raise my kids). I went out New Years Eve with my two friends. Being Bi-sexual I was madly in love with one of the girls *Louise* and would have gone anywhere with them both if it meant spending new Years Eve with her.

My other friend *Kerry* suggested we for a laugh go to a swingers club for their New Years Eve Party. So safely leaving the kids tucked up with their possessive father, I dressed up at my friends house and drove to the Party. On entering it was nothing like I thought it would be. In my mind I had a preconception that everybody would be fornicating on the sofas, sweaty naked bodies entangled with each other, touching everyone and anyone. This was not the case at all.

A lot of glammed up, normal people, chatting, laughing, smiling and dancing to music. fully clothed, albeit rather raunchily and scantily clad. My Friend Kerry drew the attention of two of the hostesses and the host and was taken off to a room to “play”. Which really upset my friend Louise, as she was in love with Kerry.

I ended up driving Louise home, but the club owner said to me, make sure I come back. I don’t know why, but I did. Having already done some pornographic work, I was not phased by any of the goings on.

On returning I entered into conversation with the club owner and a pretty young girl, who were both sat there talking about work and people. I was told how pretty I was, and ended up discussing with them the work I had done previously. In an environment like this I did not feel ashamed and felt happy to share. I did not end up “playing that night” but did end up swapping numbers with the club owner. Who asked me to come to the next party when it was a bit quieter. We texted back and forth a few times.

Life at home was becoming increasingly worse. My son was wearing shoes with holes, my rent account was in arrears and I had been served a notice of seeking possession and a red council tax notice threatening bailiffs had come through the door. Making ends meet was hard and I was at the point of desperation. And in texts to the club owner,he sensed something was wrong, and said a pretty girl like me could earn a lot of money.

I just laughed, and said what kind of work? he said webcam, and telephone work. Having gained weight since the birth of my daughter I just thought the idea was ludicrous, but the thought of keeping a roof over my kids heads, clothes on their backs and food in their bellies was more important.

And as it turned out BBW’s (big beautiful women) was a niche market and extremely popular with men.

My ex still refusing to budge and not financially supporting my family was taking its toll. So I agreed I would. I went to discuss it with the club owner who said I could rent a room in the swinging house to broadcast from. So when my kids were tucked up in bed or eating their tea with their Dad, they would have no idea what Mummy was doing.

On arriving on my first day and setting up my laptop in my room I heard a lot of comings and goings to the house. and there were other girls there too. hostesses from the parties. I  sat and had a cuppa with them, and it dawned on me what they were doing.

In one day you could earn anything from £500-1000 and just paid the club owner £150 for a room for the week. For having sex with strangers. You charged for your time. anything from 15 mins to overnight.

It wasn’t prostitution, it was escorting. And it wasn’t a brothel, as we were renting rooms not paying per client. The thought of all the bills at home and the easy money to be made was too tempting. I was a clean safe drug free girl as were all the others, which men prefer over some blackened mouthed crack whore so I did it. I became an escort to feed my kids.

This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mom who is either a member of my Facebook mums group, a Twitter follower or has been submitted to me via email. I have full permission to share her story. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me. You could help us share the blogs love to helping others by sharing via the social sharing buttons.

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