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“I AM” (Word of the Week: Positive Affirmation)

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational


“I AM” (Word of the Week:  Positive Affirmation)

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All the things we think, all the words we say, and all the things we hear about ourselves become brain chatter.  Sometimes they make us second guess ourselves, and usually they become what we think or feel about ourselves.  This brain chatter — these things we run over and over again in our thoughts — are our affirmations.  Some are negative, some are positive.  They all affect us.

Positive affirmations are short simple statements that use positive present tense words.  The way in which you create a positive affirmation is very important.  Positive affirmations are about re-training your subconscious, your body language and your mind.  What you think and feel about yourself is so important to how you live and act.  If you think and feel something, your brain is going to look for things to reinforce that, whether it’s negative or positive.

While knowing what you want out of life is wonderful, positive affirmations are more about looking ahead and seeing yourself as if you have completed the goal.  You are not going to say “I WANT… I want to be strong” because let’s face it, “I want“  leaves the door open to any time in the future.  You will state, “I AM”!  or “I am strong”, “I am confident”.  How might you feel when you are strong and confident?  Add that to your affirmation:  “I am strong, I feel powerful when I express my confidence!”

Grow your positive affirmation by writing it down and reciting it often throughout the day, week, month.  It will not do you any good at all if you don’t believe it or do not make an effort toward achieving it.  (You cannot affirm that you will ace a test and then not study… you cannot affirm that you are healthy and fit if you eat a ton of junk food and don’t exercise.)

Write your positive affirmation on a slip of paper, put it in your pocket, put it on a post-a-note, write it on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.

Say it over and over.  Feel it!  Imagine it!  Live it! Be it!

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