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I Am Enough Because I Have Peace.

By Jenrene

I’ve decided to write a new series. I was in a  Celebrate Recovery group and  talking about feeling “helpless”. It was a process for me to discuss in group, because as soon as I  spoke about why I tend to feel worried and  procrastinate on some things, I realized that This vulnerable space I often feel between  not worrying and trusting God  causes me to  feel way to vulnerable.


Being at peace, makes a difference. It makes a statement , because it speaks to   the fact that you do not have to  convince someone about your worth. I struggle with my worth at times, but  even more so, when  I am taking on new tasks or creating a new discipline or routine. In fact, that’s why I created this series.  I was amazingly being  guided by God  during the latter months of 2013, and  took a sabbatical of sorts, to recuperate and heal my emotions.

One day, I was in a class with several women at church and I was talking about dealing with my helplessness.  I wasn’t even thinking about my new writing series’ yet, I was considering  my soul. and this question popped up:  What can you do to create less of a feeling of helplessness in your life? And life magic, I created this series.

My prayers are, as a result of these readings,   you are  challenged to “think  differently”,  because you NEED TO, and not because you HAVE to. There are two  actions you should take to consider your life being at peace.

I Am Enough Because I am at Peace.

Consider Your  Relationships

I am enough. I am at peace with being enough.  I am at peace with those I have relationships  with, because they are an extension of who I am. The  company I keep help me to  stay in a happy, positive and  warm hearted state of being. I am so concerned with my relationships, and because I  do take care of them, I am  kept in a very special way.

My friendships reflect the level of peace I have.   I am  a confidante to many, but have very few friends.  I once read that   the number of the people you keep  close to you,   should be around five.  Now excluding family, I  am completely fine with that notion. When I first read it,  I gasped, because I am such a people person, but then I realized the family relationships I nurture, are quite different from the friendships and sisterhood relationships I have. I also have only a few close to me and  I actually prefer  it  , because only those few really understand me, and have relationship with my soul.

Friends and confidantes who have a relationship with your soul, know when you are not present,  notice when you are not your best self, and they care enough to listen out  to  you, and  help consider why this is not the case in your life. They also are aware of  your tendency not to take care of your soul ( your mind, will and emotions.) I was grieving this past year, and my husband, who is also my best friend, was able to note that I was not getting my hair done, I was less able to remember some things during my grief, and  he  helped me consider what to do  to become more supportive of  myself in these areas. His suggestions were perfect. I lessened my load,  make some  time for less thinking time and more  comfort time. and cleared my busy head and  got my hair done and felt better. finding peace may take some effort, but it is worth it in the end.

 Consider Your Kind of Love

My love is deep. It is merciful, compassionate and very caring  and even long-suffering.

So thusly , when I decided to write about my  kind of love, I had to  include it under the title of peace.

  •  Do you have:  unity, friendship &  love in your life? If not, you may not have much peace.
  •  Try to brainstorm three ways you can manage your peace differently, and  include these three adjectives in your life and  offer equal effort in practicing them  on a  daily basis.
  •  Is there  disagreement, warfare (an ordeal of battle),  or  dissatisfaction in your life?
  • Think of three things you need to change about yourself in order to  rid those  factors from  your life.

If you enjoyed reading this  excerpt, please take the time to  read the series:

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