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I Am Back Full Time Writing & Blogging Again =]

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

Hey everyone! I would like to Thank you guys for being Patient with me while I was dealing with some life threatening health issues. I still am but I am currently on some treatment program for it and it is helping so far.

I am also Pain free Thanks to my GF…My big Sister Patty, and My Mom for helping me get the money together to go to a pain clinic.

So now that I am feeling much better mentally and physically due to the pain medication and anxiety medication I am currently taking I will now be back here on WordPress Full Time again, even though I will also be working a full-time job.

(Yes I now have my dream job Thanks to my GF Melissa Saito) We both work for Infinity Ward…the company who makes the Call of Duty Games. We are about to Release Call of Duty Ghost soon and it is by far the best COD game ever! So be sure to pick up a copy when the game is released…if you like playing online Multiplayer you will not only be amazed but you will be so glad that we fixed a lot of stuff that BO2 was lacking.

So now I will start out with a Poem I am dedicating to the love of my life…This one is for you baby girl…Thanks for Saving my Life Melissa…and for loving me unconditionally even though I have already hurt you and put you through so much stress and pain…you didn’t give up on me and now the old me is back and now it is my turn to take care of you!

Love Truly exists

 Lost and broken

Praying for a way to escape

my own mind

filled to the brim with Chaos

searching for the road leading back

to reality and sanity

A soldier she is

an Angel embedded and wounded

This man was Torn and diseased

Disguised as an actor

acting through life and pain

Never believing

My world could become so perfect

Discovering a girl who stitched my scars

permanently fixing what was always broken

Love to me was a myth

Like a world without death

Pulled from the depths

where darkness hides

I was born into a family

That murdered and sinned

A Family so dysfunctional

Loyalty was a fake aspiration

Searching for years as I was dying

Gave up on everything

even on life

But this girl found me when

I only had a few breaths left to breath

without this miracle I would have Been destroyed

buried with the rest of the sickness devouring humanity

A man who never had a chance to be a Boy

A man who only knew pain and sorrow

But now that she grabbed my hand

Firm and fearless

My life turned into sunlight

instead of cloud’s drowning me in rain

Acid burnt away the decency I had in me

Slowly burning and tearing away

as Lucifer ran his fingernails

upon my skin as I slowly faded away

into a hollowed monster

depraved and unworthy

She saved my life

and she did it without hesitation

her friends told her she was wrong and crazy

but deep inside she knew the love she felt

was more than just an attraction

it was the first time she felt alive and free

our hearts synced together

our souls melted like gold to steel

this world is ours

we are no longer in this alone

I squeeze your hand as you softly

place your fingers in-between my scarred and broken bones

no need to speak because your touch

says more than words ever could

for once in my life I feel safe & Secure

and inside I am lacking The anger

That was eating me away

The only other thing I can add to this poem

is that you are the only girl in this world

in my eyes and my mind

I see you and only you

because love does exist and I stare into its eyes

each and every morning I awake

Instead of wishing my eyes wouldn’t have opened

Like each day before I found you

Now every morning I cry because god granted me

another 24 hours

with the best damn thing that has ever happened to me

I hope you can now understand baby….

That I am not ever going anywhere

I am here to protect you and help you

and give you everything a girl like you deserves

You are the one

and I knew that you were the very first time

I gazed into those beautiful eyes of yours

You allow me to breath again

and all I want is to make you smile

every minute of every day

I love you Melissa Saito. Thanks for being who you are.

You’re an unattainable dream that guys like me normally never find

I thank god everyday that I am one of the ones…who acquired My very own Angel.

 Mkay…This isn’t exactly a poem it’s more of a short letter I wrote for my GF due to all the pain and stress I have subjected her to lately because of my health problems.

More Poetry…REAL poetry coming soon…as well as Book reviews…Blog Tours…Author interviews and much more!

As you can see since I haven’t written in like over 5 months or more I am extremely rusty…but this is a free from poem…I wrote down the first words that popped into my head…Don’t worry baby I will be writing you another one once I warm up lol.

Melissa you are the air I breath…you are the reason I wanted to leave my outlaw life behind…because you are the only damn thing I need in this world.

You took a chance on a criminal….who is also addicted to Pain medicine….Your family warned you not to get involved but you ignored them anyway and listened to your heart…yours friends told you I was trouble…and that I would end up hurting you…but I promise you one thing right here and now…your friends are hypocrites and I am yours forever until you want me gone.

People really do need to stop judging a book by its cover. Because stuck u ignorant girls who have only known wealth and privilege have no right to judge someone or something they know noting about…so this right here is to all of Mel’s friends….get a life and stay out of our business…your words and your opinions doesn’t mean a damn thing to me or Mel…so go find love and stop trying to destroy other people’s happiness…if you are really this alone then go buy a dog or a cat…leave us the hell alone…seriously grow up already.

Your trust means everything to me and I will never compromise what we have ever again…you gave me a second chance and within 24 hours I was able to fix everything Like I told you I would and in return you bravely gave me back your heart and your trust. I will never forget what all you have done for me. I love you so much and I want the whole world to know…that my evil ass never deserved such an amazing girl like you.

But people do change and I damn sure did for you….do you know why?

Because you’re the only thing in my eyes I see. Nothing else in this world matters nothing else even compares to the feelings I have foe you.

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