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I ALWAYS Thread...

By Becca @glowgetterbecca
... my eyebrows!

I have a choice method of epilation (read torture) for almost every body part. And for brows, that is definitely threading.

I ALWAYS thread...

I grew out my eyebrows before my most recent threading, so that they would be a little thicker. Pic #1 is my grown-out (naked) brows and in Pic #2 I've filled them in with a pencil (before having them threaded), to give them a little more definition during the growing-out phase. Pic #3 is the finished article!

I've been threading for about 10 years. Before that, I waxed, but the shape and definition just didn't compare. I know eyebrows are very subjective; everyone has their preferred shape, but eyebrow grooming is a staple part of many of our beauty routines. I know I feel much more polished when my brows are freshly done. 

Some threading tips and pointers:

  • Ok, the term "torture" was maybe a bit excessive - I reserve that for bikini waxes - and I know pain is subjective, but I don't find that threading hurts much at all. This does depend a little on the person doing the threading though, as it has varied. Or I might just be slightly numb from the YEARS I've been going...
  • It takes about 10-15 minutes, start to finish.
  • Your beautician will probably suggest that you return every 2 to 3 weeks for maintenance. I honestly recommend trying not to pluck in between, if you can - you'll get a cleaner finish this way.
  • Prices for threading vary massively - I've paid from £2.50 to £25. And, from personal experience, the price has never correlated with a better experience. Two of the best have been at the lower end of the scale (£6 and £10). 
  • If you are planning to thread for the first time, try to let your eyebrows grow out for as long as possible, so your beautician can create a shape that suits your face.
  • I've also found that there can be quite a drastic variation in the shapes different people produce, so try to find someone who'll listen to what you want.
  • A talented threader will be able to shape your brows gradually, thickening them or helping to fill in any gaps over a few weeks/months if that's what you want. Obviously this is eyebrow dependent to a certain extent!
  • And let me tell you, once you find someone you love, you won't want to let them go! 

Ok so that's my little ode to threading. Please tell me there are others who are as obsessed with brows as me!?

I'll leave you with a little "action shot" of me getting my brows done. Fun!

I ALWAYS thread...

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