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Hydrogen Energy IS It Way to Future????…..

By Sumit Malhotra @sumitmalhotra

Water will be coal for future.>>>> By Mr. Jules Vernes (1870) [He was science fiction writer and lawyer by profession]

Hydrogen Energy IS it way to future????…..

[Benefits and constraint analysis]

H2 is safer than gasoline but requires large size to store. Thus it has low energy density. Although one can compress it but there is limit. Excessive compression may lead to safety issues. Liqification from gaseous form is best way to decreases its volume thus used as best way to transport. Although this liquification process itself costs energy. Coming to generation of H2 Water electrolysis is major way to generate it using fuel cell. Type of quality H2 depends upon source of water. If water source is clean than generated H2 will be of high quality.

Hydrogen Energy IS it way to future????…..

one way to store h2 is with ammonia NH3. As this increase overall energy density. Thus space requirement is less. Only drawback is NH3 leakage is toxic in nature.

Metal hydride storage is also one of the cool way to store h2. Volume though 3x or 4x. Very good for large vehicular application i.e. hydrogen powered rockets.

[Where is the market??????]

In terms of hydrogen fueled car US captures 53 % market. Japan 38%.

[Camparing EV electric vehicle to H2 ]

This is one of the most debatable topic in current times.

Hydrogen Energy IS it way to future????…..


10-12$, 500km range$ 85 for 5kg H2 range 480km

requires less energy to produceRequires more energy to produce

99% energy efficient in production.Energy extensive process

5 to 6% total losses including grid losses, battery conversion, 75 percent conversion. overall delivery efficiency is 70 percent max.transfer cost, storage, liquification, electrolysis. Max efficiency is 56 %

EV is 3 -5 times less costly in today’s times.3-5 times more costly.

Battery side i.e. storage is the costly affair in coming future. Due to limits of rare earth material. With improvement in storage size and yearly storage capcity i.e. in caves in large tanks and reduction transportation cost. In future this will be an option to look for.

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