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Hush Hush Rant ;)

By Pooja_g
I must have been living under a literally!!! There have been so much going on around me and I just got a "moderate sized" shock yesterday. Came across two new products, that have been introduced in the Indian market in the past two months. I read about 50 posts (okay...exaggerating :P), regarding these two new launches. Most of them were against these products and for some good reasons. Oh before I continue, let me tell you about those two products and in case you are below 18 please take leave from this page ;).

The first product is the Clean & Dry Intimate Wash, that claims to bring “freshness and fairness” to the 'VG' (I don't want Mr.Google to have a field day here, so you better understand the term in short). Coming to the claims of the product, like hello, who wants a fair VG? Aren't we b-bloggers already having so much difficulty to make our readers understand that you can't alter your skin tone with a fairness cream, or claims to fairer underarms weren't enough? 

Hush Hush Rant ;)
To top it all is the ad video, is that depicting the “freshness and fairness” after-effect?

Don't know when this "fairness" mania of Indians is going to stop. And if the "brightening" wasn't enough, 18 again is here for "tightening" of VG. Just see for yourself, the hilarious video ad. What were they thinking?! (I am yet to see these on TV though).

I am not against the products being launched or on their effectiveness, but the brands could have been a bit more sensitive and matured in showcasing their products, that's all I wanna say. What do you think? Let me know your views!
** Photo taken from Google Images. I am not associated with any of the brands discussed.

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