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Hundertwasser Style Self Portrait

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Hundertwasser Style Self Portrait Here’s project that asks students to see themselves in a very abstract way, and creates a colorful display most teachers appreciate for their classrooms. Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser had an amazing life, along with a very appealing style of abstract drawing. Click here to read more about him.
1. Start with a 9" x 12" paper, and trace the width of a ruler around the outside edges in pencil. Add another line about 1/4" away to make a narrow inner border.
2. Draw a very large circle that almost touches the top border and does touch the left and right. Wobbly circles are welcome! Shoulders may be straight or angled. Eyes are drawn by starting with a center dot, and then the football shapes that extend and touch the outside edge. Hair must be simple, simple, simple, using as few lines as possible. Names are drawn in block letters in the bottom border.
3. When the drawing is done, all lines are traced with a thin black marker.
4. Everything is colored in heavily with some good colored pencils. This sample is down Prismacolors.

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