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Tomorrow is the birthday of Paul Laurence Dunbar. Take a minute to read his fine poem below and then click over to Sharon McCoy’s excellent discussion of his poetry:

Originally posted on Humor in America:

After hearing the acclaimed scholar Arnold Rampersad speak on the history of African American poetry as part of the TILTS  “Poets & Scholars Institute” at the University of Texas, I was thinking about the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar and about the role of humor in African-American poetry.  It seems to me that more scholarly attention might be paid to humorous poetry–both good and bad.

With this in mind, the “Humor in America” blog has “hired” Caroline Sposto as poetry editor.  She will be posting humorous poetry on a regular basis.  See her first post here.  If you are interested in creating a regular column on a humorous subject–movie reviews, political cartoons, TV shows, or any other relevant subject–you, too, can be “hired” as an editor to contribute to our enterprise, which has no payment apart from a growing reading public.

See below for Paul Laurence Dunbar’s great…

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