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Humanisation of Animals

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
People with pets and most of the world population have created this small problem where we all see animals as equals to humans and i don't disagree with this but animals have differant needs for life as from what humans require...
Recently i was talking with a friend and he asked a strange question regarding the classic phrase,
'The early bird catches the worm'   Does this mean teenage birds don't eat the first worms?
The way i view it:  It is a wild bird so why humanise it.... Its wild....
How can we make a connection between a small bird that can fly and a teenager that never gets out of bed?
Discuss in the comments.....
More to the point pet owners have humanised their pets more in the past few years:
  • Seeing their pets as children
  • Naming pets 'human' names (Theres nothing wrong with this..)
  • Dressing their dogs up (why? Its unatural)
  • Buying dog shoes (dogs have coped for years without.. so why do it?)
  • Letting pets get away with bad behavior (would we let children be bad?)
  • Buying the most expensive food (the animal can't read the tin... do animals really need to have expensive food to eat)  
I would like to say that i dont have a problem with treating pets like humans and this blog entry was just something i wanted to highlight to start a discussion with a wider community. I have had pets in the past and they bring joy and life in to a home and become like family but at the end of the day
They are ANIMALS, And we are HUMANS
We all have different needs and we dont need to humanise animals and force our lifestyle on to our animals. 
Thanks for Reading.

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