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Huge Boost for Kenya Tourism as UK Relaxes Travel Restrictions

By Diaryofamuzungu @CharlieBeau

Kenya moves from red list to amber list

Finally! Kenya 🇰🇪 is off the UK’s red list!

For the last few months, tens of thousands of British people have been denied the chance to travel to Kenya, one of their favourite holiday destinations.

Equally, red list restrictions have been disastrous for Kenyans wanting to visit friends and relatives in the UK, and those who study or work in the UK.

While we appreciate the need to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, the British “traffic light system”has created untold frustrations for travellers and massive financial losses for the economies of developing countries.

Leisure travel to red list countries is banned by the UK government and remains in place for Uganda, South Africa and many other countries. Ironically, the UK has some of the world’s highest COVID infection rates.

Visitors travelling to Kenya from the UK will now have a period of self isolation at home. For many people, that will be easy since they will be working from home. This does at least do away the need for expensive government quarantine.

You can read more about the red and amber list travel restrictions on the British government’s website

I know from first-hand experience how creative we have to be if we want to avoid quarantine! In July, I travelled from red list Uganda via Spain in order to get into the UK without quarantining.

Kenya is one of my favourite holiday destinations so I’m absolutely thrilled that red list restrictions have been removed.

Are you planning a trip to Kenya? Safari or coast – what is your favourite destination?



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