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Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

By Bridgetbeari @Bridgetbeari
Welcome to HUE ARE YOU
Hue Are You? with Arianne BellizaireA weekly blog series exploring different creatives' views on color and its use in interiors, art and design. We will dive deep into their obsessions with color. How and why they use color. You will get to know their stories and you may even gather some tips for using color in your own home. What is better than learning from the experts!


Hue Are You? 
Designer Spotlight: Arianne Bellizaire
Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire
We are pleased to have as this weeks guest, Baton Rouge based interior designer, Arianne Bellizaire. Arianne is the owner and principal designer of Arianne Bellizaire Interiors LLC. Her design philosophy is to ensure that each client achieves their projects needs while making the experience as painless as possible. Her designs are not a "one size fits all" approach. With an informative and inspiration design blog called "Inspired to Style" plus her home renovation videos which include her husband and her kids, Arianne is full of design tips and if you are lucky enough to hire her then you'll get a gorgeous completed project too!

Let's pick her brain about color......

Susan Jamieson:  What one color represents your design style? 

Arianne Bellizaire   If we’re talking color psychology, then I would have to say that yellow is probably the color that best describes my design style. It can be cheerful and welcoming in its lighter shades, but it can also add punch and drama in its darker shades. There is also a sense of optimism and intellect represented by the color that I hope my designs reflect.

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: Do you use color as a dominant role in your designs or as an accent? 

ABEarly in my career, I definitely used color as the driver of my design concepts. Now, I find that I use color in a more nuanced way—another layer on top of a firmly established, solid design foundation that focuses on function and flow first, then the specific elements that we’ll bring into the space. Because there are so many options available to us for customization, it’s not hard to create a piece that’s the right color or develop a custom paint color that is the perfect thread to tie a space together.

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: How do you feel about matching colors in a room? 

ABAgain, something I’ve learned over the years is that the more layers and gradients of colors we use (or the pairing of complementary colors) the more interesting space it makes. I don’t believe that colors should match, but I do think that the mix should “feel good” to the person who will live in the space.

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: What color represents your personality? 

ABHere’s where that pink comes in. LOL! I think pink is inherently feminine but it’s also playful and there is a sense of whimsy associated with it. A dusty rose has the femininity but there’s also a maturity to it. It’s what makes the color palatable to even the most “masculine” man. 

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: What color comes to mind when you talk about: 

Your favorite City .......    London. I think pink because of the beautiful floral displays during Chelsea Flower Show Week

The House You Grew Up In .........     Yellow because the exterior siding was painted yellow.

Last Fabulous Dinner You Had ........ Golden Brown because it was the color of the southern fried pork chop I ate at South of Beale in Memphis, Tennessee.

Your favorite Flower .......      White because it’s the color of my favorite variation of hydrangeas.

Your favorite season ...... Orange for Fall. I love house the air is crisp and foliage is so colorful.

Your Favorite Art ...... Black because there’s an abstract piece by Alyson Kahn that I’ve recently fallen in love with. Although the piece is quite colorful, it is grounded by just the right amount of black.

Your Favorite Room in Your Home ..... Blue for the Master bedroom. I love to make this space restful and tranquil.

Your Favorite Beauty product ....   Seafoam for my Kale and Spinach Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid facial moisturizing cream by Youth to the People.

Your Favorite Article of Clothing ...... Blush Pink for my favorite ALDO high top sneakers.

SJ: Name a color you never use? 

AB: I can’t say there is any color I wouldn’t use. If the color is right for the space and the client, then it’s the right color!

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: Name a color you use frequently? 

AB I actually love the color pink, but it’s a tough sell for design projects! I find that most of my projects incorporate some shade of blue—whether it’s a pale blue-green or a bold indigo. This might be the case because many of my projects involve couples, and blue is a good compromise color. There’s also color psychology that says that blue encourages feelings of trust and credibility, and this is something that I really focus on with clients from the first interaction to the last!

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: If you could pick a name for a color what would it be? 

AB   Hmmm. This a tough one. I’ve been known to describe colors as delicious and yummy. Maybe it stems from a love of food! LOL! If I could name the perfect shade (whatever that is) I’d probably call it “Scrumptious.”

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: Do you have a pet? What color reminds you of him/her? Do you have a nickname for this pet? 

ABNo pets. L

SJ: What is the Now Neutral? 

AB I think we’re moving away from gray as the go-to neutral and back into beige or pale taupe territory. 

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: What is your prediction for the next big color trend? 

AB: I’m hesitant to predict trends, but from what I’m observing in the design landscape, I think there is a general shift to more color, period. Instead of neutral-based or white-on-white-on-white, people are embracing the opportunity to use bold colors to show off their style and personality.

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: What are the best color combinations? 

AB I love the classic Black and White combo because it creates the perfect foundation for a modern minimalist space as well as a bold traditional space and everything in between.

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

SJ: Best advise when it comes to picking paint colors? 

AB:  Choose the paint color last. There are so many options, it’s easier to find the right fit after fabrics and hard finishes have been selected!

Hue Are You? with Arianne Bellizaire

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