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Hudderfield Beauty Banter

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
So in the Huddersfield girls househouse karma has finally got me back for painting the Creatures nails pink the other week.. My friends Rach and Charlotte first decided to paint my eyebrows to their rightful color... because naturally, I am a soulless ginger (their words, not mine)
Hudderfield beauty banter    I genuinely kept my eyebrows like this all night - its a good job I have no shame!
Hudderfield beauty banter   We were also caught on camera nipping to the shop for ice pops in our onesies.
To be fair Rach's is amazing! The hood is eyore!
shortly after this photo was taken, we were laughed at by two children and a mother who insisted on pointing at us and actually shouting across the road.. "LOOK KIDS ITS EYORE" Cheers doll!   Hudderfield beauty banter    

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