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How YouTube Makes Video Content More Shareable

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Marketingtango @marketingtango

As the second largest search engine after Google (and a subsidiary of Google), YouTube keeps growing and changing. Being a marketer who approaches video strategically, you’ll want to take advantage of opportunities YouTube provides to engage your audience and distribute video content across multiple channels.

Comment to Connect
YouTube’s commenting system now integrates YouTube and Google+ (which is still failing to gain traction despite the heavy-handed attempts by Google to force it upon YouTube users). You can mention other users in YouTube comments, just as on Twitter, or comments can be private between two people or a particular group. While you can no longer leave video responses, you’re still able to leave a video in the comments.

Subscribe and Share
YouTube subscriptions have also become easier with the introduction of a guide and a simpler design across the site. YouTube videos can now be easily shared across multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ straight from the upload page.

Response Videos

YouTube offers marketers the opportunity to increase engagement across social networks by adding a video response to another person’s video or leaving a comment on another related video. (Keep it respectful and professional!)

Remember to go beyond YouTube as you promote your video. Be sure to include Facebook, Instagram, Vine, blogs, other websites to reach your audience.

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