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How Will You Find Me

By Momatlast @momatlast

This book is designed to open a dialog with adopted children. It serves to start a conversation about adoption at a very young age, giving children the tools to ask the questions they have and to understand how they came to be in their particular family. Every child needs to know their heritage and their story.

How Will You Find Me Adoption Book
Whether their adoption is foreign or domestic, trans-racial, traditional or non-traditional, children will understand (through the magic of animal births) how they came to be in their family, and that they are special and wanted and so very loved. While this book starts the story, each child’s individual story will be different and unique. We hope this book will help each child answer the inevitable question, “When did you learn you were adopted?” with the answer “I always knew.”

“I am a 22 year old and have been with my family since I was three month old, but was finally adopted when I was three. Even though I’m an adult and LOVE my family this book was still very nice to read, I wish I had this when I was little! Thank you Tina! This book is fantastic!” ~ Jonee F. Review

We got our copy of this book today! Such a sweet look at the way children can be cared for within families or come into families. A book about adoption that is also great jumping off point to discussion on families no matter how yours is built! My son was adopted from Guatemala, and many of the books geared towards adoption are about domestic or Chinese adoption. I like that this one can be used no matter the country, no matter the situation, because it ends with an open ended question to discuss your family or the families of those you know and love.” ~ RiAnnon Review

About the Author of How Will You Find Me

Tina lives in Wildomar, California, and has three adult children. She has worked for 20 years as an adoption facilitator. Her passion is writing and her work is a labor of love.

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