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How to Write Dynamic Blog Post Titles That Get Results

By Lindaluke @coachlindaluke
How to Write Dynamic Blog Post Titles that Get Results

Many bloggers put their heart and soul into the posts they write. They spend hours thinking and writing with the intention of really making a difference for their readers. They want to share things that will support, inform and maybe even change lives. But, what they often learn in the end is:

It doesn't matter how great your content is if people never see it.

When potential readers come across your posts they generally make a decision within a second or two if they will click on it. They don't know about all of the amazing content inside. Their decision is based solely on what's in front of them, the post title.

Knowing how to write dynamic blog post titles that get results is one of the most important skills you can learn as a blogger. Here are some tips to get you started.

Questions to Ask Before Writing Your Title

  • Who is your ideal reader? You will want to write in their language to their pain points
  • What will be your focus keyword for the post? It will be used in SEO and should be in your title too.
  • What is your intention for the post? Do you want to inform, sell, entertain, share something personal? Each of these could change the tone of your title.

Post Title Format

There are general guidelines that work well for title writing and search engine optimization. They include:

  • Titles that get the best results are usually between 5 to 15 words long
  • Starting your title with a number, How to... or a catchy phrase tends to work best
  • A basic formula for titles is: Opening phrase + Focus keyword + Promise/benefit
    (7 Ways to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking or How to Stop Worrying and Start Enjoying Life)

General Guidelines

Research shows that there are some things that make a headline pop and get better results. They include:

  • Be specific
  • Focus on results
  • Use juicy adjectives like dynamic, magical, inspiring, unforgettable

Your Headline Writing Process

Start by reading your post and focus keyword. Think of your ideal reader and what you want them to do. And then:

  • Write a few draft headlines
  • Check the competition if you need ideas, but don't copy
  • Try the "Opening phrase + Focus keyword + Promise/benefit" format
  • Throw in some pizazz with power words
  • Choose a headline that follows the guidelines and represents your post best

More Tips and Ideas

  • Research shows using numbers in the title gets the best results
  • Try using a provocative question
  • Humor or a memorable phrase can get people's attention
  • Consider tapping into holidays or current events for ideas
  • Use the words you or your to connect them to the message
  • Use emotional words and phrases

More Words and Phrases that Get Clicks

  • How to
  • Infographic included
  • Ultimate Guide to
  • Struggling with
  • Pain, painful, sad, tired, etc.
  • Why
  • ... No One Will Tell You
  • Increase Your
  • Stop ...
  • Simple Ways to
  • The Best
  • Easy
  • Little Known
  • Secrets
  • Mistakes to Avoid

Using these simple, but powerful guidelines for your blog post titles will ensure more readers and visitors to your blog. That means your words will reach more people and if you want can lead to more sales, enrollments, and opt ins.

What you have to say matters. There is someone out in the world who needs to hear it. So, be sure to use post titles that will help them find you.

If you would like the support of a professional Business Coach with blogging, marketing or small business, you can contact me for a consultation here.


How to Write Dynamic Blog Post Titles that Get Results

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