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Coaches: Narrowing In on Your Calling Or Niche

By Lindaluke @coachlindaluke
Coaches: Narrowing In on Your Calling or Niche

Sometimes our callings pull us directly into what we are meant to be doing and sometimes they take us through a journey of stages to get there.

If you are a coach, you have likely had a calling that brought you to your training and desire to help others in this way. But, you may find when you start to bring your business into the world it can feel like you are not quite fitting into a strict definition of coaching or what you think you "should" be doing.

You may feel like you are trying to change yourself to adapt to your new career, like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Or, you may find yourself stuck and spinning when trying to start your business or define a niche.

For most of you, being called to coaching comes from a deep desire to serve and that can take many different forms. It is important to remember that what is really pulling you forward is how you think it will FEEL to be a coach, not the logistics of how you accomplish it.

In coaching school you may learn things like:

  • Do not give advice
  • Only ask questions
  • Help the client find the answers within
  • Listen at least 80% of the time

These are wonderful principles that I respect and recommend, but there are other ways to powerfully serve your clients as well.

I've coached many new coaches who had been teachers. Teaching is a different skillset and sometimes it conflicts with the coaching guidelines we are given. These teachers struggled trying to be quiet and not share valuable information they had. I've coached dynamic people who are great leaders, but struggle with being in a supportive coaching role. I've coached coaches with huge hearts who were passionate about providing information as well as coaching on specific subjects.

Don't get me wrong. I strongly believe in coach training and the principles taught by the top coaching schools. AND, I believe that we are not all the same and can sometimes bring our unique gifts into our work as well.

Teachers and leaders often do well bringing the gifts of coaching through workshops or classes.

Many of my clients have brought customized coaching or programs to specific groups, often the very groups they used to be a part of.

Others are passionate about specific subjects like health, motherhood or journaling.

I've coached Christian coaches, psychologists who became coaches, Fearless Living coaches, USM coaches, coaches who teach and coaches who share specific gifts. They all have done the work to become certified and are great examples of sharing their coaching gifts with the world.

I am not saying you can be a coach and just do whatever you want. I AM saying that the real key is to combine your coach training with your heart's desire to help and unique skillset to serve the world in a way that truly makes a difference and is aligned with who you really are.

If it feels off, or not quite coaching, you don't need to call it that. Call it what it is or form a business that focuses on a service or specific subject, not the method of delivery.

Your coach certification may be the first of many callings. A step toward what will ultimately be your gift to the world, not the end result. And, that is okay. For many, it isn't until they start their businesses that they become more clear about what fits and what doesn't. And then, the next calling reveals itself.

If you feel unsure how to keep moving toward your calling, ask yourself these questions. They will also work well as journaling prompts.

What do I love about coaching?

What other ways can I experience that feeling?

Who do I want to serve most?

What feels challenging about coaching?

What skillsets do I have that come naturally?

How do I show up when being my most authentic?

If I could write one book to help the world, what would the title and chapter titles be?

Considering my responses to the above questions, what is calling to me now?

If you are interested in working with a professional and experienced coach to find your calling or shape your business, I would love to talk to you. You can contact me here.


Coaches: Narrowing In on Your Calling or Niche

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