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How to Write an Engaging Bio for Your Business and Website

By Lindaluke @coachlindaluke

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Your business bio is not just about listing your credentials.  It is an opportunity to engage potential clients by letting them get a feel for who you are and how they can benefit by working with you.  The following steps are designed to help you avoid a boring bio and create one that is a client magnet, instead.

Use Your Authentic Voice – Let your personality show through so that the clients who will love you know they found the person they are looking for.  Keep it professional, but remember it is okay to be quirky, spiritual, or the bullet point guy, if that is who you really are.  When you let your authentic self show through, your real tribe will be able to find you.

Speak to Your Target Market – Attracting ideal clients is what it is all about. Right?  So, why not write your bio as if you are talking directly with them.  They are more likely to trust who you are and what you have to say.

Focus on Benefits and Results – Clients do not buy products and services. They buy perceived benefits and outcomes.  Instead of talking about a process or how you do what you do, focus on what your clients will have or feel after experiencing what you are offering.  When they are focused on a positive end result, they will be more likely to want to take the next step with you.

Create Credibility – Yes, you get to include all of those juicy credentials you have gathered over the years. You may also want to share client success stories or any other information that demonstrates your capability and establishes a pattern of successful outcomes.

Invite Engagement – In the bio?  Yes, at the end of the bio encourage your reader to get further information, ask questions, buy a product, or engage with you in some way.  Choose the action you want them to take, invite them, and make it easy by providing a link, email, or contact form that will help them follow through.

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