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How To Wear: Creepers

By Vitadimoda @Maria_Litizia
How To Wear: Creepers
Brothel Creepers: A slightly strange, yet wonderful trend that has caught the attention of my younger inner goth. However, think of brothel creepers and you instantaneously think of chunky black shoes with a strip of faux animal print on the front - am I wrong? Well, things are changing - fashion is changing. Top designers including the main man himself: Karl Lagerfeld has jumped on the creeper bandwagon for both the current and up and coming seasons of 2012 & 2013 -  It was actually the Chanel Resort 2013 collection which I blogged about earlier, that inspired me to dedicate a post to the fashionable, yet, strangely intriguing shoes. Now that the shoe is on trend, retailers and designers galore have been experimenting with new ways to bring us consumers a new and improved design on the old classic. On my recent window shopping trip, I came across two designs which instantly took my fancy, and those are the creepers that I want to share with you, my lovely readers. Take a look:

How To Wear: Creepers

Image created at Polyvore

I decided to feature two variations on the creeper, as I myself have an almost split personality when it comes to deciding what I wear: One day I can be all girly, with florals and bright colours etc. However, the next minute I might decide that I want to dress quite grungy and punk-rock-ish! You can purchase the blue spotted creepers here & the heeled creepers here. I can't decided which ones I love more, so I think I'll have to just add both to my list of items to buy on pay day. I love the heeled creepers as they give a modern twist to the shoe and lend themselves to a night look, whereas the dotted flat creepers are perfect for day to day wear. What do you think? Are you into this current trend at the moment & why?
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