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How to Wear a Man Bag

By Mahnoor Malik @MahnoorMalik90

“It’s not a man bag, it’s a satchel!” – The Hangover.

Many things- skinny jeans, concealer and manicures to name a few- started life as a woman’s best friend before men were invited to join in. So why such a taboo about man bags and who wears them?

The days of being able to fit everything we need in one pocket are long gone. Everyday use of gadgets, laptops, phones and computers has made carrying a bag or laptop sleeve a lot more common in recent years – even among those who don’t work desk or computer-based jobs. And for those of you who do work desk jobs, laptop bags have come a long way.

Without pulling a Joey from Friends, the ‘man bag’ has taken a huge leap into the fashion world – providing men with the practicality of a bag without the stigmatized femininity or embarrassment. Unlike Joey’s, bags made for men are a long way from the black leather, shoulder-strapped bag that has been popular with women since the beginning of time.

Men’s bags, now practical, fashionable and, most importantly, masculine, provide you with the opportunity to carry more than just your wallet and keys – without taking your gym bag. Men’s bags or purses have become increasing popular with many celebrities, including Kanye West, David Beckham and even the Governor of the Bank of England who has recently stepped out clutching the straps of his man bag.

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The rising popularity of man bags has even inspired the creation of blogs like what’s in your manbag? – They even make T-shirts asking the question and host pictures of men who are proud of their bags! For some, the man bag will always hold some hint of taboo but if worn correctly and chosen well, the man bag has the potential to look great on any man.

The Rules

  • If you don’t want your bag to look feminine, don’t hold it like a woman – perched on your shoulder or in the crook of your arm is a huge no. Find a bag you are comfortable with first. Start with a rucksack before trying men’s shoulder bag or tote bag – which one fits on you best? If you’re going to wear a shoulder bag wear the strap across your chest rather than just over one shoulder.
  • Start with the staples before expanding your collections. You will first need to invest in a weekender, a tote and a messenger bag. This should cover you for business trips, weekends away and for carrying your laptop to and from work without the stiff briefcase.
  • Wear your bag with pride and be confident about your look. If you’re still timid about trying the bag don’t try to hide behind but wear it proud – if people stare, it will be in awe that you have pulled off a look that they thought wasn’t possible.
  • Fill your bag with manliness. Use it for your gadgets, tablets, pens and books as well as practical items such as a pocket knife, Swiss army knife or miniature tool kit.

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