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How to Watch The Ball!

By Jen Campbell @TennisLife_Mag

How to Watch The Ball

How many times have you heard your coach/doubles partner/friend tell you to just "watch the ball?"

I don't know about you... but that instruction DRIVES ME CRAZY.

Partly because I think we both know that we SHOULD be watching the ball...

and partly because that "tip" is VERY vague... and by itself may not be that helpful.

In fact, I have a friend named Laernick who is infamous at the park I play doubles at in the morning for watching people swing and miss and immediately saying "WATCH THE BALL".

The truth is, yes, you absolutely should be watching the ball.

The question is...


In this video, I'm going to walk you through 3 POWERFUL, yet surprisingly simple ways that you can watch the ball and effectively improve your consistency (and your win total).

It all starts with

  1. Pay attention to when your OPPONENT makes contact with the ball. This is going to give you the biggest clue as to where the ball is going to end up. Oscar Wegner once said your eyes are capable of predicting, with 95% accuracy WHERE the ball will land on your side of the court... WITHIN 2 FEET OF LEAVING YOUR PARTNER'S RACKET!
  2. Look at the seams of the ball. Your intensely focused vision is very limited in space. In fact, as much of 97% of your field of vision is UNFOCUSED, PERIPHERAL vision. What does this mean? It means, if you can narrow your focus down to the seams of the ball, you'll be able to concentrate on the ball with a higher level of attention, see the ball better, and hit a better shot!
  3. Bounce-Hit. When you receive the ball say to yourself "bounce" as the ball bounces and "hit" as you hit the ball. This is EXTREMELY powerful. The reason is, it dials in your timing WHILE turning off the critical/analytical thinking mind that gets in the way of hitting your best shot.

Follow these 3 tips, and you'll be on your way to playing your best tennis!

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Thanks for your attention, and don't forget to WATCH the ball :).


How to Watch The Ball!

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